Imaging The Pleides

Evening of 22nd/23rd Nov.  A second attempt at imaging M45 The Pleiades or Seven Sisters in Taurus. My first attempt on 20th Nov was thwarted during the evening by descending fog.

Clear skies, moon at waning crescent and not rising until 6.30am – so good visibility.

Captured over 20 frames, of which it looks like 15 are usable.  Yet to be processed.

Spent some time learning new constellation patterns – Hyades, Gemini, Canis Minor.

Orion looking glorious – with a hint of the M42 Orion nebula in Orion’s sword, and clearly visible in binoculars.

Lovely shooting star in Draco to the north.  Long lasting (2 to 3 secs?), slow moving, and almost appearing to leave a smoke trail in the sky.  Wrong time of year for Draconids!

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